The Floris Brown-Ross Scholarship Award

The Floris Brown-Ross Scholarship Award was created to fulfill the need for success through higher education.  Floris Brown-Ross was a strong believer in Christ, education and family values. Raised as a sharecropper’s daughter in Ambrose, Georgia,  Floris quickly learned the value of good work ethics.

Floris Brown-Ross assists doctor with surgery
Floris Brown-Ross assists doctor with surgery as an operating room technician.

Although Floris was a sharecropper’s daughter and resources to educate herself were scarce,  Floris Brown-Ross persisted to further her education. She received her high school diploma and certification as an Operating Room Technician where she was employed in this capacity by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.


Floris Brown-Ross continues her education
Floris Brown-Ross continues her education at 80 years of age.


 In 1990 Floris moved to Fitzgerald, Georgia with her late husband, Warren Ross where they became active members of Midway Baptist Church. Always giving and cheerful Floris Brown-Ross was devoted to her community and family.   And anyone who visited the Ross’s family home were quickly taken by the best soul food the south had to offer, warm and welcoming southern hospitality, and  room accommodations that rivaled the finest bed and breakfast in town.

She spoke often about how education was a weapon to rise out of poverty and she made every effort to encourage those around her to seek God for all things and to go to college or a trade school.


Floris Brown-Ross
Floris Brown-Ross enrolled as a student for beginners shotgun and survival courses.


Even at the age of 80, Floris Brown-Ross continued to further her education as a student and supporter of Bryant Theological Seminary School.  She also took  computer, and shotgun survival classes. During her final days, her wish was to see her family become close again.  She also wanted the kids to get a proper education and come closer to God. So in spirit of her legacy, we are proud to announce The Annual Floris Brown-Ross Scholarship Award.

Floris Brown Ross

We begin accepting applications November 1st.

Each recipient will receive $350.

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